Hartford Became Home in the End

Kevin McLaughlin, from Sharon, Massachusetts, didn't have much interest coming to the University of Hartford when he first started applying for college. Kevin was accepted to 7 of the 9 schools he applied to his senior year of high school. "I didn't have much interest in coming to this school in the beginning, but I... Continue Reading →

Hartford #BeatAlbany Basketball

https://twitter.com/Saaabrinaaa12/status/835945681449791489 https://twitter.com/Saaabrinaaa12/status/835939642990034945   https://twitter.com/Saaabrinaaa12/status/835939185324343296 https://twitter.com/Saaabrinaaa12/status/835938079160610816 https://twitter.com/Saaabrinaaa12/status/835936963836395522 https://twitter.com/Saaabrinaaa12/status/835936645249699841   https://twitter.com/Saaabrinaaa12/status/835933397910446080 https://twitter.com/Saaabrinaaa12/status/835932290131849216 https://twitter.com/Saaabrinaaa12/status/835932074586615809 https://twitter.com/Saaabrinaaa12/status/835930709059592193 https://twitter.com/Saaabrinaaa12/status/835916391798685696  

Why You Should Travel in College

I am senior graduating this May and have found myself reflecting on my experience in college. I am thankful to say I have met great professors, learned more than I could ask for, and created friendships that will last a lifetime. However, there are no other moments that highlight my time abroad. Therefore, I am... Continue Reading →

Dream Job

As a senior graduating in a few short months, I find myself wondering about what my future holds. What will I pursue for the rest of life? First off, location. My career has to be in a fast pace city. I grew up in New York, known for the city that never sleeps and the... Continue Reading →

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