United Offers $10,000 for Passengers, Up from $1000

  United Airlines is offering up to $10,000 to anyone who is willing to give up their seat on their flights after the dragging passenger, Dr. David Dao, off flight 3411 traveling towards Louisville, Kentucky.             Originally, United was offering $1,350 as a compensation for anyone who was willing to leave his or her assigned … More United Offers $10,000 for Passengers, Up from $1000

Binge Drinking

Binge drinking  is very common as a student in college. Below, I have an infographic to show the statistics of binge drinking. 33% of people will have a drink by the age of 15. Therefore, they will already feel the result of alcohol and flavor at such a young age, that they will be exposed … More Binge Drinking

Dream Job

As a senior graduating in a few short months, I find myself wondering about what my future holds. What will I pursue for the rest of life? First off, location. My career has to be in a fast pace city. I grew up in New York, known for the city that never sleeps and the … More Dream Job