Hi! My name is Sabrina Telmo. I am a senior at the University of Hartford and am from Long Island, New York. I currently study PR and advertising and have a passion for traveling, food, and photography.

My family is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Therefore, I speak fluent Spanish and have studied Italian for 7 years.

I decided to make a huge decision the fall of my junior year and went to Florence, Italy to study abroad for a semester. I was able to create new friendships, memories, and explore the world. It was the best experience of my life. I learned so much about culture and how to live in the shoes of others. My passport is now filled with over 10 countries!

I created a passion for traveling while I explored all of Europe. I was able to travel to Germany, Croatia, Amsterdam, London and more. I have also visited parts of South America including Chile and all around Argentina. There are many more countries on my bucket list to see!

Another passion I have is photography. I take pictures of my travels, food and pets. I have two english bull dogs who mean the world to me. I love to collect photo’s of my experiences. Photography has let me express myself and capture moments that I can treasure forever.

My other passion is food. I am a fanatic of trying to flavors and visiting new restaurants. My dream job was always to be on Man vs. Food. I like to think of myself as a food critic as well. I also enjoy taking photos of my food, like the trend “Food in the Air”.

I am huge tasty video fan. I love the visuals and how fun it is to cook! Therefore, I love snapping pictures showing what kinds of foods I have tried around the world or even locally!

I have also done PA work for Vh1 and was an intern for Buzz-Engine, a small marketing company. I was involved with promoting events such as LEGOKidsFest and worked on advertising on Facebook and other social media platforms.

I am also the director of public relations and communication for Greek life at the University. I am in charge of constantly posting visuals on our social media accounts to keep our community connected.

Lastly, I hope my passions can align with my readers. I want to share my own thoughts, experiences and feelings with my readers. I want to share my travels, new recipes, and new relationships with you all! Enjoy!


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