Game of Thrones- Recap

I am a devoted Game of Thrones fan. If there is a chance for me to talk about it- I take it. It is a thrilling show that brings murder, dragons and power together, yet we all still love it.

Last night, Game of Thrones finally came back after a long wait. Many whispers went around as the premiere snuck up on us at 9 pm last night. Who was dying? Where are the dragons? What is even HAPPENING?!

Arya Stark made us fall in love with her even more as she murders the Frey clan- she is such a savage. She crosses one more person off her list. After avenging her family once again, she rides through the Riverlands and runs into our old friend, ED SHEERAN. My face literally hit the floor- like?? oh?

But, there he was doing what he does best, putting on a concert. Arya even ties her horse and decides to stay with the Lannister soldiers and discovers that they are peacemakers- a nice change for Arya.

Ed Sheeran doesn’t say much but its nice when you see singers playing roles as actors, especially in a show like this. Arya then says she is off to kill the Queen (fingers crossed she actually does). The soldiers laugh and Arya joins along.

Im sad we have to wait another week until the next episode- but good things come to those who wait!


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