My First Post

I’ve struggled with the idea of creating a blog for a while. I first made this blog because of a class I took back in college. Our professor encouraged us to create these blogs to develop a professional portfolio.

Therefore, I decided to dive back into this blog I thought I’d left behind along with all of my college experiences. I’ve dabbled with travel diaries, personal diaries, and even friends to share all I want to say. But, I find it hard to dedicate time to write with a pen and paper. Typing it all out makes it much faster.

And here we are. My first blog post.

I’m pretty sure I’ve changed the theme of this blog about 10 times debating whether to dedicate it to food, travel, friends, sports, or animals. Those topics are all of my passions, yet I can’t dedicate myself to stick to one topic.

Everyday I am experiencing new situations, relationships and lessons. I am a girl experiencing the real world, post grad life. I hope you all can join me on this new chapter in my life!




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