My First Post

I’ve struggled with the idea of creating a blog for a while. I first made this blog for the sole of classwork. I could blog about anything assigned that week. However, our professor encouraged us that keeping a blog would be beneficial down the road.

Looks like his repetitiveness worked. Here I am, two months out of college with a bachelor degree in communications, unemployed, and still wanting to write down all of my thoughts. I am left with memories of college, my study abroad experience and now the desire to make money.

I’ve dabbled with travel diaries, personal diaries, and even friends to share all I want to say. But, I find it hard to dedicate time to write with a pen and paper. Typing it all out makes it much faster.

And here we are. My first blog post.

I want to share many things with you all. My travels, relationships, my taste buds, and thoughts. Therefore, I hope this blog can do just that. I’m not looking to really “touch” anyones soul, or be the answer to their problems.

Instead, I am looking for a listener. So, I hope you enjoy!





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