Greek Week at the University of Hartford

IMG_1539.JPG.jpegThe Greek Life community at the University of Hartford is dedicated to academics, community service, philanthropy and holding each other to the highest potential standard.

In order to be a member of the Greek Life community, students must have above a 2.5 GPA and must complete 15 hours of community service each semester. They must also attend a certain amount of philanthropy events as well.

The University of Hartford has six sororities and eight fraternities. There is a Panhellenic Executive board that governs sororities and an Interfraternal Council, who governs the fraternities.

The two councils come together to plan many on campus events for the community to participate in. This year, the Panhellenic and IFC boards created the first on campus Breast Cancer walk, with over 70 people walking for strides.

They have also planned free ice cream events, barbecues, and fundraising events at sporting events in the past.

In April, the Greek life community held their annual “Greek Week.” This is a week where fraternities and sororities are paired together and compete in a series of events to win the trophy and title.

Ahmad from Sigma Nu and Megan Samojla from Sigma Kappa are responsible for planning and hosting Greek Week. “It takes about 2 months to plan Greek Week because of planning teams, events, theme, and making sure space is available to use” says Samojla.

Jamie Calamari, the Panhellenic Advisor, also plays a huge role in supporting Greek Week. As an advisor, she monitors all positions on the board and holds each one accountable for their responsibilities. She is also an alumni of the University.

Below, is the schedule of what entails within Greek Week. The events ranged between 7 p.m to 9:30 p.m.

  • Monday the 24th: Act you favorite movie scene
  • Tuesday the 25th: Don’t forget the movie scene
  • Wednesday the 26th: Red Carpet Greek God and Goddess
  • Thursday the 27th: Lip sync (dance)
  • Friday the 28th: Powderpuff at noon and Greek Awards at 7 pm

The event is a great way for the Greek community to come together after a long week of classes and to get competitive with one another. “We love Greek week because we get to pair with another chapter and are able to branch out and continue to create new friendships in a fun way!” says Jacqui Goodhue of Delta Gamma.

This years theme of Greek Week was Hollywood. Therefore, extra points are given to those who incorporate props, costumes, and music from Hollywood movies.

Greek God and Goddess is typically everyones favorite event. The event is a beauty pageant with couples coming together from a sorority and fraternity to battle for the title and crown. Pairs range between 6 to 8 groups.

The competition entails a formal wear, talent, crowd appeal, and a final question. Couples prepare and join together to impress three lovely judges along with the  organizations in the crowd.

Talents range from group dances, singing, artistic ability and comedy stand up. Trivia is mostly about the inspirational leaders each person has or which celebrities they would want to spend a day with.

This years Greek God and Goddess was Megan from Sigma Kappa and Nick from Alpha Sigma Phi.

Another favorite event is the powderpuff football game where participants of the sororities make up teams of 6 and play against one another in flag football that run 10 minutes with the clock running.

“I am really competitive and love sports so I always volunteer to play! Plus, some exercise is always appreciated!” says Nikki Speciale. The boys also get involved by being the referees and keep track of score and time.

Delta Gamma were the winners of powderpuff this year.

At the end of the week, there is an award ceremony where chapters are recognized for their achievements throughout the year. Some awards are Most Improved GPA, Outstanding Campus Involvement, Future Greek Leader, Program of year and Most Improved Chapter to name a few.

This is a special moment because it marks the end of the year. These awards represent the reflection of how each chapter spent their year. “I am always grateful for these awards because it symbolizes all the hard work we put into our philanthropy” says Ariella Bumpus from Delta Zeta, the winners of most improved chapter.

Members of the community are able to dress up and walk over to GSU to celebrate a long year of handwork and success. The ceremony is usually lasts about two hours.

This years Greek Week winners went to the lovely ladies of Delta Gamma and the men of Sigma Nu. Congratulations!






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