Jacqui Goodhue: The Hampton Honey

13419186_10208526837341746_7874642554850236822_nMeet Jacqueline Gertrude Goodhue, aka “Jacqui,” a senior at the University of Hartford! She is a marketing major and is from New Hampshire. She spends her time long boarding along the coastline and eating Tripoli’s pizza. She loves to play the ukulele and search for the perfect laptop sticker.

Jacqui decided to come to the University of Hartford as a senior in high school because of the scholarships the university offered and the small school feeling. Even though Hartford is far from her hometown of Hampton, the University of Hartford made her feel comfortable and right at home.

“I love my decision in choosing this school because I met amazing people and created a lot of opportunities for myself!” Jacqui says. Since coming to Hartford, Jacqui has been a member of the American Marketing Association, Hillel, and the Innovator’s club. In addition to her colorful club membership, she also been an active volunteer for the American Cancer Society, Service For Sight, and Joining Forces. She even had a brief stint on the Women’s Rugby team! Her favorite event at the university is Hawks Helping Hartford, because she enjoys being able to volunteer with all of her friends in the community that is so dear to her heart.

Last semester, Jacqui was able to follow her dreams and study abroad in New Zealand from June to December. She traveled all the way across the world on her own, something she prides herself for having the courage to do.

“I was able to hike all over New Zealand and create friendships all over the world. I still keep in touch with them! New Zealand will forever hold a place in my heart and I hope to return one day,” says Jacqui, reflecting on her experience.

After returning back to the States from her semester in New Zealand, she knew that she had not satisfied her appetite for travel. She felt as though everyone should have an experience that motivates them to leave their comfort zone and inspires them to see more of what foreign countries have to offer, so she joined the Global Leadership Association. Members of the GLA work with the University of Hartford’s Study Abroad Office to educate prospective study abroad students about the ins and outs of international travel. They assist these students in deciding which countries to travel to, which courses to take while abroad, and offer unique information about their own travel experiences.

For Jacqui’s last spring break of her college career, she chose to forgo the typical party rich vacation for a volunteer experience. Going out clubbing and participating in things like that has never been something she has been interested in, so the Alternative Spring Break was perfect for her. She and thirty-three other University of Hartford students fundraised for months in order to be able to travel to Tennessee to repair trails and build campsites in the Smoky Mountains. She began every morning by doing yoga with her best friend, Jules. “It really helped us begin the day with a positive attitude,” Jacqui explained. “Nothing compares to spending time with your favorite people in the mountains.”

Jacqui is excited to graduate this May and hopefully soon begin her career as an owner of a dance studio in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She looks forward to continuing her sober lifestyle and spending a lot of time with at her favorite restaurant, Al’s Seafood.


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