Why You Should Travel in College

img_6464I am senior graduating this May and have found myself reflecting on my experience in college. I am thankful to say I have met great professors, learned more than I could ask for, and created friendships that will last a lifetime. However, there are no other moments that highlight my time abroad.

Therefore, I am going to explain a few reasons why every college student should apply to study abroad. As I stated in my about page, I chose to study abroad in Florence the fall semester of my junior year.

My first reason in believing you should study abroad comes with the display of your resume. Studying abroad shows employers that you are educated in culture, can adapt to new environments, and can bring new ideas into the work field through your experience abroad.

According to the New York Times, it is great for students to develop skills, get out of their comfort zones and experience other cultures, education systems, and environment. All of these skills are similar to the work field as well.

Student Universe  explains that studying abroad also gives you a new system of education. You spend 4 years in college (depending on how you would like to further your education) and do the same thing every year. The social life can get old and spending time with the same people everyday can be suffocating. Studying abroad can create new friendships along with new curriculum.

Another reason to study abroad is the overall experience. You are stationed in one place but can travel on the weekends. I was grateful and lucky enough to explore many countries and cities. I discovered more about myself and an appreciation for how beautiful the world can be outside of Connecticut.

The most important reason is time. You are young, curious, and adventurous at this age. There will never be another opportunity where you can travel with students your own age and see all the beauty in the world by creating memories. You become more independent and eager to explore.

You learn many lessons while studying abroad as well. Some life skills include budgeting, communication, adaptability, self-awareness, organization, patience, independency, flexibility and problem solving skills to name a few.

If your passions include photography and food tasting (just like mine), then studying abroad is the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of. You get to try foods from all over the world and take pictures that will leave you breathless.

There are many things I had to adapt to while studying abroad. For example, I had to adjust how to use the transportation in different countries and use the currency. I am very lucky to learn this skill because now when I go back, I will have no trouble with this.

Registering for studying abroad can also be exciting! You can research countries from Europe, South America, all over the world to study abroad. There are many programs with different perks. Even if a full semester is too long for you, try a winter or summer term! I guarantee it is worth it!

Overall, I believe everyone should take the opportunity and study abroad. You find out so much about yourself and other people. You make so many relationships and memories that can last you a lifetime. I would never change my decision going abroad.




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