Dream Job

screen-shot-2017-02-07-at-2-01-08-pmAs a senior graduating in a few short months, I find myself wondering about what my future holds. What will I pursue for the rest of life?

First off, location. My career has to be in a fast pace city. I grew up in New York, known for the city that never sleeps and the entertainment lifestyle.

I hope one day to work at a television network. This includes but not limited to, MTV, Vh1, Nickelodeon, CBS, ABC, etc. I have experience in this field and the fast pace it is known for. My dream career would be to work on the social media side of television or to work under  TV production.

Growing up, I had a role model who works for Vh1. She is a production manager and in the past, has let me shadow her as her a personal assistant. The fast pace gives an adrenaline rush and the exposure to celebrities is just a plus.

I was able to engage with all different branches in this industry. I spent some time seeing the social media being set up and how savvy the writers can be. When I worked for their Hip Hop Honors show, a tribute to hip-hop female artists such as Missy Elliot and Lil Kim, I became fascinated with the entertainment industry.

Another interest I have is working for an Ad agency. As a PR/ Advertising major, I grew a passion for advertising. I like how raw the process is. You start from nothing and can end up with something that is unpredictable. But, you are creating something that people all around the world can enjoy and create a relationship with your brand.

However, I find myself always bouncing back and forth. Being in college has exposed me to so many ideas that it becomes difficult to wrap my head around one decision. But, we know that digital media will continue to expand and become the new norm of how we communicate.

I also had an internship with Buzz-Engine, a small marketing company located near here. I was able to promote LEGO events, such as LEGOKidsFest. My job was to update all social media platforms and create posts to engage with our audience. This also includes e-blasts, press releases and so on.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing content on LEGO and learning all the history it entails. This internship was very enjoyable and I got to improve my skills in all aspects related to advertising and PR.


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